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Online Enrollment + Full Benefits Administration

Online Enrollment for Core, Ancillary and Voluntary Benefits Including Full Benefits Administration for HR Professionals

The benefits administration process can be time consuming, expensive and inefficient.

Communicating the value of employee benefits is a perpetual challenge for agents and employers alike.

Could you benefit by?

  • Benefits Administration Technology at an Affordable Price
  • Easy Enrollment of Core, Ancillary and Voluntary
  • Eliminating Paper and Automating Employee Changes
  • Taking Control of Your Workflow
  • Greater Return on Investment
  • Database with Accurate Data and Extensive Reporting

Let Bnyu™ help you reduce time spent enrolling in and administering employee benefits

There is a better way to manage enrollment and benefits administration.
Bnyu™ has a robust set of features that meet the needs of nearly any employer organization.
  • Automate your Benefits
  • Manage Life Events and Eligibility
  • Maintain Control of Data
  • Simplify Employee Communications
  • Engage Employees and Ensure ACA Compliance
  • Online Enrollment for Core, Ancillary and Voluntary Benefits
  • Integrations and Data Delivery, Customized Reporting